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The late, great Anthony Bourdain was a huge fan of Vietnamese cuisine.

He summed up his culinary experience in Vietnam by saying “You don’t have to go looking for great food in Vietnam. Great food finds you. It’s everywhere. In restaurants, cafes, little storefronts, in the streets; carried in makeshift portable kitchens on yokes borne by women vendors.”

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While the names of some of the dishes are similar to that of a Thai or Chinese menu, the flavours are distinctively Vietnamese.

One of the country’s most famous ingredients is its fish sauce, more distinctive than its Thai equivalent. Known for its reliance on fresh ingredients and complementary textures, the flavours from a Vietnamese meal come from fresh herbs including lemongrass, ginger, Vietnamese mint, long coriander, Saigon cinnamon, bird's eye chili and lime.

The combination of fresh herbs, selective spices and minimal use of dairy and oil have led to Vietnamese food being considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide.

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