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Curry is the titan of takeaways. Everyone has their favourite combination of sauce, meat or veg and rice. Spicy, creamy, mouth-watering and (of course), hot, curry is the stuff of life.

Indian takeaways are a (ahem) hot favourite with the Irish. Korma, tandoori, jalfrezi, nintara are names familiar to any curry connoisseur. Mix it up with some baaji and pilau rice and you’re all set.

Looking beyond the traditional favourites, a number of international dishes are hoping to (sorry) curry favour with Irish diners. Southeast Asian cuisine such as Thai curries are soaring in popularity, and after just one taste of a Thai red or green curry, it’s easy to see why. Japanese cuisine, too, brings a lot to the table, with their katsu curries. And that’s before we have a taste of Nepalese, Korean or Sri Lankan curries, all of which are just a click away.

Just as there’s variety in cooking and cuisine styles, curry can suit and mood or budget. Whether you’re hankering for hangover food in a guilty pleasure takeaway; or you want to try high-end dining from the farthest corner of the world, there’s a curry for you.

Curry, we salute you!