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Sushi is an artform, and is soaring in popularity as more and more diners around the world learn how tasty, fun and varied it is. From a baseline of rice and fish, meat or vegetables, sushi chefs can craft a universe of flavours.

Sushi used to be hard to find, a hidden delicacy in a handful of restaurants but not any more: With a few clicks you can have one of the world’s most wondrous foods prepared by an experienced chef, brought straight to your door.

You can order a sushi spread as a standalone meal or a simply few pieces as a starter. If you’re ordering sushi for lunch you can often get a great deal with 2 or 3 rolls bundled plus a miso soup or salad at a great price! (Sometimes this meal deal is served as a bento box.)

Here’s a handy Just Eat guide to some of the most popular sushi rolls:

  • Vegetable roll – a vegetarian option, they usually contain avocado, asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, and kaiware.
  • Spicy Tuna roll – if you like it hot, then this roll made of tuna, rice, nori, mayo and chili sauce certainly gives a kick.
  • The Classic – delicious, relatively simple rolls containing cucumber, avocado, and tuna.
  • Futo Maki – if you love crab, this one’s for you.
  • The New York roll – apple, avocado, and smoked salmon. Incredibly tasty.
  • Philadelphia roll – rolls of avocado, asparagus, salmon and cream cheese.
  • Eel and Avocado roll – never had eel? Well now’s your chance – with avocado, rice, and nori.
  • The Texas roll – spinach leaves, cucumbers, and (because it’s Texas) beef. The carnivore's sushi roll!
  • Summer roll – sashimi and selected vegetables bundled up in a rice wrapper.
  • The Dragon roll – many sushi lovers love the dragon. It’s crab, eel and cucumber wrapped inside of avocado and rice.
  • The California roll – cucumber, avocado, and crab— a firm favourite in the Sunshine State and beyond.