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We are all about BBQ at Just Eat. From spicy chicken wings to dripping off-the-bone pork ribs, it’s some of the most tempting food around. The charred, smoky flavour of barbecued food is never easy to master at home – get the timing wrong and you’re eating burned or pink meat. Instead, save yourself the hassle, sit back and order in some meaty and veggie BBQ goodness made by the experts.

Feast on sticky sauce, spicy wings, finger-licking ribs, juicy burgers, brisket, chicken wings and pulled pork. Forget about the cutlery or table manners and have the finest cuts of meat, expertly cooked and delivered directly to your home. After all, that’s what napkins are for

Cooked ‘low and slow’ there’s nothing like that smoky and sweet flavour to have your taste buds dancing. Adding a salad to your BBQ dish will further enhance those flavours, balancing your meaty munch with some leafy goodness.

No barbecue is complete without a sauce to slather over your delicious food. You can keep it country with some classic BBQ sauce and ketchup or go for something more exotic like mustardy South Carolina BBQ sauce and fruity jerk sauce.