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Pakistan has no shortage of stunning dishes and cooking styles. The flavour and spiciness of food in Pakistan might depend on where its influence comes from. Hot Pakistani cuisine is a speciality of Eastern provinces like Punjab or Sindh, where they enjoy highly seasoned and spiced food. Food in the Northern tradition tends to be milder, as they’re often influenced by Central Asian culinary traditions.

Thankfully, for Irish diners, most of the many variations of Pakistani cuisine are on menus. In fact, because Pakistani cuisine shares some traditions with Indian food, many Pakistani restaurants offer Indian staples too, including India’s curries and appetisers.

A Pakistani dish tends to be centered on beef, chicken, fish. However, their vegetarian and legume (vegetable dishes based on foods such as chickpeas or lentils) are hugely popular in Pakistan, so vegetarians’ needs will be comfortably met.

The country’s spices and flavourings are legendary, offering a huge variety of aromas, flavours and experiences. So unsurprisingly, a Pakistani curry is something to savour. Common side dishes are salads, rice and fresh naan.

Pakistan is a vast country, with over 200 million people and almost 900,000 square kilometres. This rich land is home to many ethnicities and cultures, all of whom have some pretty terrific ideas when it comes to food!