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The Irish, famously, have made a home in every corner of the globe. Little wonder, so, that Irish food is a little bit of everything.

Our local delicacies would be the classic bacon and cabbage, stew (beef and Guinness being a particular favourite), boxty, blaa bread, soda bread, coddle and a good old Irish breakfast (nobody does bacon or sausages like us). Hearty chicken dinners, a nice roast or some mashed, baked or boiled spuds are also staples of the Emerald Isle.

We cast our eyes elsewhere too, though. Are fish and chips Irish? Why not. Who owns the beloved pie? Many Irish diners and restaurants have claimed it as their own. You’ll find pie, pastries and chip shops in the Irish corner of Just Eat.

As much as Ireland has claimed foreign food, we’ve also added Irish twists to international favourites; the batter burger, black pudding in sandwiches, and who can forget the mighty spice bag?

Who decides what food gets to be Irish? When it comes to cuisine, we don’t make the rules, but we like to bend them just a little.