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In 2017, we predicted that veganism would be the biggest food trend of 2018 – and hey, we don’t mean to brag, but we totally called it! Now that people have discovered that vegan food is tasty, nutritious and (bonus!) great for the environment, it’s taking over the planet.

The tipping point for vegan food was when people discovered how filling, delicious and (yes) indulgent it can be. Maybe that’s why, in the US alone last year, there was a 31 per cent rise in vegan menu items

We’ve got your back, vegan brothers and sisters, with a menu that’s growing all the time. Don’t forget that the restaurant you choose doesn’t have to be vegan or even veggie to have some scrumptious vegan options on the menu. Vegans can sub things in (tofu), sub things out (cheese) and get a seriously good feed from lots of restaurants. Thai restaurants have tonnes of vegan options including tofu and vegetable dishes and many of their sauces are coconut-milk based, so you can get that “creamy” texture without the dairy.

Dishes like Vegan pizza, vegan korma, and falafel bowls are among the most-requested foods by Just Eat customers – healthy, tasty, ethical and (most importantly!) a good feed.

Even the iconic burger has got a vegan makeover. For years, vegan chefs have been working on the perfect ethical burgers. Say goodbye to the stereotyped dry, crumbly, veggie patties. And say hello to the juicy, delicious and satisfying vegan burger of the 21st Century. What an age we live in…