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Turkey is rightfully praised for its mastery of the kebab. This international favourite is usually served in Turkish restaurants doner-style. That means they’re wrapped in warm, fresh and thick pita bread; served with complementary vegetables like tomato or onion and liberally doused in a gorgeous, rich sauce.

A Turkish kebab is juicy and packed with flavour: That’s no accident. One of the reasons the Turkish kebab is especially divine is olive oil. Olives grow plentifully in many parts of the country, so olives and olive oil are used liberally in many Turkish recipes, especially kebabs.

While the doner kebab is common across many cuisines, the kofta kebab is all Turkish: this is a meat recipe served on a skewer, a satisfying blend of lamb with ground beef, typically combined with a mixture of parsley, garlic, onions and indigenous spices from the region.

Skillfully made pita bread and falafel are common in Turkish eateries too, and many of these establishments look beyond the border for inspiration: Most Turkish restaurants offer chips, and many create their own variation on Western favourites like burgers, fried chicken and more.

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