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There’s a chance you’ve had Lebanese food and not even known it, for the famous falafel hails from the region.

The falafel, enjoyed across the Middle East, is a fried vegetarian dish, often made of chickpeas (a common Lebanese ingredient), fava beans or both. Like many Lebanese dishes, it’s a healthy option, as food from the area is often an abundance of whole grains, fruits, fresh fish and vegetables. Chicken appears in Lebanese cuisine more often than red meats, making the cuisine good for the heart, as well as the palate.

As well as falafels, you might expect Lebanese restaurants to offer delicious options like hummus, shawarma (a sandwich-like dish, not unlike a kebab) or baba ghanoush (a seasoned, mashed eggplant).

For carnivores, many Lebanese restaurants have a mouth-watering variety of lamb dishes, and sometimes (if you’re feeling adventurous) goat meat.

As for flavourings, lemon, garlic, olive oil and various local spices (sometimes specific to a particular region) will make their presence known.

Wholesome, fresh and tasty, there’s a Lebanese dish for any taste.