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With a long coastline that hugs the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and its own rich history, Moroccan food takes the best elements from North African, European and other cuisines to create something truly special.

As you might expect, Spanish food is a big influence on its African neighbour to the South. So preferred Spanish ingredients like cucumbers, tomatoes and olive oil often make an appearance. A local Moroccan specialty is couscous, a light side dish of crushed semolina that, like a more flavourful rice, really ties the meal together. Popular meats in Moroccan meals include beef and lamb. And they’re world-famous for their varied, thrilling spices.

The country’s proximity to Europe means that Moroccans are especially open-minded when it comes to fusion. This means you might be able to order a penne pasta or even a burger with a North African twist.

Seafood is a major part of life in Morocco, which boasts over 3,000 km of coastline. Moroccans love their fresh fish, from lobster to mackerel to swordfish to tuna to shrimp and beyond. If it swims, someone in Morocco has created the perfect meal for it!

Moroccan desserts tend to be cool and refreshing, possibly because of the country’s hot climate. So treat yourself to concoctions of juicy, fresh fruit; pastries so soft they might float off your plate; and a wealth of creamy yogurts.