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Let’s take a moment to appreciate the magical kebab. Whether it’s doner or a shishkebab, this Middle Eastern invention is (deservedly) one of the most popular dishes across the world. Melding quality meats, vegetables and (depending on what you order) cloud-soft naan or fluffy rice, it is the cornerstone of Middle Eastern cuisine. However, the region’s food has even more to offer.

Middle Eastern cuisine spans a huge part of the world, offering the best in Arab, Iranian, Persian and Jewish dining. You can expect to find liberal use of olive oil, olives, pittas, grapes, chickpeas, mint and rice. From these ingredients, and the finest meats, fruits and vegetables, our Middle Eastern friends craft world-famous kebabs, falafel, shawarma, sumac (stuffed vegetables) and even yoghurts.

Carnivores are often huge fans of Middle Eastern food, as they can feast on slow-cooked lamb, quail, marinated chicken or meatballs. But there’s plenty to offer vegetarians too, as Middle Eastern veggie dishes and salads make great use of sumptuous foods like chickpeas, sesame seeds, aubergines, radishes, lettuce, parsley, tomato and especially lemon and/or mint.

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and in the Middle East they have crafted beautiful desserts that have made their way around the world; pastries, yogurts, basbousa (a semolina cake) and assorted nuts.

Dining is a massive part of the culture and customs in this part of the world, and the moment you step into a Middle Eastern restaurant or open that takeaway container, you’ll see why.