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Ireland is now home to some incredible Indian restaurants and with Just Eat you can order Indian food online from your local favourite or have it delivered right to your door.

There’s something uniquely exciting about Indian food. The blend of exotic ingredients, herbs and spices make your meal more than just a takeaway. It’s an experience!

What is it about this cuisine that makes the mouth water just at the mention of it?

It could be because no matter what your preferences, there’s an Indian flavour to suit you. Sit down to an Indian meal and you’re likely to experience the whole spectrum of tastes from spicy to sour to sweet.

There’s also a delightful mixture of textures to enjoy. From crispy, triangular samosas filled with peas, potatoes and onions, to soft, steaming naan bread; and that’s just for starters!

Add a red chutney for sweet and sour flavours or a refreshing green chutney, usually made with mint or coriander. Or, if you enjoy a little something to really cool the palate, there’s nothing better than a smooth raita, a yoghurt based dip with a blend of spices that can include mint or coriander.

As for the main courses, regardless of whether you fancy a dry or a saucy dish, you’re in for a taste sensation. Old curry favourites include, the Korma on the milder end of the scale, the Tikka Masala or Rogan Josh as slightly spicier options and of course you always have the option of a Vindaloo on the ‘blow your head off’ end of the scale!

Your options are by no means limited to saucy curries though. Tandoori chicken is chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices roasted in a clay oven called a tandoor, which emerges perfectly moist and with a beautiful orange colour. Biryani is a long grain rice dish that is layered with generously marinated vegetables, lamb, chicken or seafood. Cooked with the rice, the meat or veg and spices flavour the rice to give it an irresistible aroma and taste..

If you're a vegetarian, Indian cooking is a very accessible cuisine. In fact, India is regarded as one of the most vegetarian countries in the world. Bold sauces and spices make potatoes, vegetables and pulses take on a whole new character. Chana Masala, made of of slow cooked chickpeas, paired with ginger and tomato or Saag Paneer, a delicious combination of cottage cheese, garlic, spinach, ginger and chillies would tempt even the most passionate meat lover.

To create your own taste of India, order online from your local Indian restaurants with Just Eat now.

Best Indian Restaurants in Dublin

Namaste India
88 King Street North, Dublin, SMITHFIELD
5730 reviews
Khans Balti House
U5B Newlands Cross, Dublin, CLONDALKIN
6039 reviews
Spice N Rice Dublin 1
Dorset Street Lower, Dublin, DUBLIN1
3906 reviews
Indian Curry Club
Swan's Nest Road, Kilbarrack, KILBARRACK
2590 reviews
Spice Guru
Rathgar Avenue, Dublin 6, RATHGAR(DUBLIN)
3570 reviews
Jamaal 5 in 1
124 Emmet Road, Dublin 8, INCHICORE
2160 reviews

Our Customer Reviews

  • Hyderabadi Kitchen logo
    First time in Dublin i felt Hyderabadi. KEEP UP THE TASTE AND QUALITY. GOOD JOB.
    Hyderabadi Kitchen
    34 Camden Street Upper, Dublin 2, DUBLIN2
    17 reviews
    Vel - 30/05/2023
  • Khans Balti House logo
    Always the best chicken korma. !
    Khans Balti House
    U5B Newlands Cross, Dublin, CLONDALKIN
    6457 reviews
    Viorica - 30/05/2023
  • New Curry & Grill logo
    Very decent size and really tasty Döner kebab for it's price! Hugely recommend!
    New Curry & Grill
    6 Dolphins Barn, Dublin, DOLPHINSBARN
    3105 reviews
    Jarek - 29/05/2023
  • Indian Curry Club logo
    Delicious fresh food delivered promptly
    Indian Curry Club
    Swan's Nest Road, Kilbarrack, KILBARRACK
    2680 reviews
    Patricia - 29/05/2023

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