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Vegetarian cuisine, more than maybe any other food type, has gone through huge evolutions and improvements in recent years.

Up until recently, meat-free dining was relegated to one option in a restaurant’s menu. Now vegetarian diners have more choice than ever, thanks to changing attitudes to food, health and even the environment, as well as an influx of exotic and innovative restaurants.

Vegetarians can now choose from a range of curries, noodle dishes (stir-fries are especially veggie-friendly), burritos, soups and salads. Many famous dishes need just a tiny nudge or substitution to be vegetarian, such as pad thai, sushi and egg-based meals such as omelettes.

This is before we get into the sides, which tend to be simultaneously filling, delicious and vegetarian; from the perennial chips to the more exotic, cabbage-based kimchi.

And then, of course, there are the recent trends and hip ingredients that have boosted vegetarian eating even further; quinoa, avocado, cashew and kale.

More and more Irish diners are learning the hidden secret that vegetarians always knew: That healthy, meat-free dining can also be a treat.