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Whoever invented pizza should have been given the Nobel Peace Prize. Nobody ever said an angry word with a pizza in front of them; or felt anything but contentment when they’ve had a pizza resting in their belly.

Pizza, the only meal you eat from the inside out, is heaven in a box. The insanely popular meal has three common ingredients: the holy trinity of bread, cheese and tomato sauce – all welcome. Then, it’s up to you, the king or queen of your pizza destiny: Pepperoni? Vegetarian? American style (with ham and sausage)? Hawaiian? Envelope-pushing barbecue pizza? Or a daring, salty anchovy creation?

We have every kind of pizza restaurant you could want: Iconic chains, mom-and-pop local joints, artisan pizzerias and everything in between. Every pizza restaurant is slightly different – their own approach to dough, a variation on the sauce they like, their own specialities when it comes to toppings or sides. What they have in common is a passion for preparing piping hot pizza! (Chef kiss emoji!)

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Best Pizza Restaurants in Galway

Knocknacarra Road, Galway, GALWAY
4 Forster Street, Co Galway, GALWAY
Vinnies Takeaway
Munster Avenue, Galway, GALWAY
Woozza Wood Fired Pizza
14 Sea Road, Galway, GALWAY
Gatto Rosso pizzeria & Restaurant
25 Eyre Square, Galway, GALWAY
Pizza & Pasta Napoli
15 Cross Street Upper, Galway, GALWAY

Our Customer Reviews

  • Mizzoni's Pizza Galway logo
    Perfect :)
    Mizzoni's Pizza Galway
    Eyre Square, Co Galway, GALWAY
    Rosie - 20/09/2023
  • Apache Pizza Oranmore logo
    Kebab was good. And sauces are really tasty Will recommend
    Apache Pizza Oranmore
    2 Main Street, Oranmore, GALWAY
    Op - 20/09/2023
  • Apache Pizza Oranmore logo
    Churros is really tasty 😋
    Apache Pizza Oranmore
    2 Main Street, Oranmore, GALWAY
    Op - 20/09/2023
  • Classico logo
    Delicious pizza and fries 10/10
    4 Forster Street, Co Galway, GALWAY
    Maureen - 20/09/2023