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American-style restaurant serving burgers, fries, shakes, chicken tenders, hot dogs, wings, nachos, sambos and salads.
All our fresh beef burgers are 100% Irish Hereford, and for our fresh chicken burgers, we only use premium breast of chicken.
And of course, all our famous shakes are only made from real Irish milk and ice cream.

Our Customer Reviews

  • Shake Dog Sligo logo
    Absolutely 10/10
    Shake Dog Sligo
    Wine Street, Sligo, SLIGO
    47 reviews
    Kelly - 09/01/2022
  • Shake Dog Cork logo
    The food is always top notch, been ordering everytime and it never disappoints. Bbq chicken wings are my fave!
    Shake Dog Cork
    97-98 South Main Street, Co Cork, CORK
    85 reviews
    User - 08/01/2022
  • Shake Dog Frankfield logo
    Absolutely amazing, really love this place!
    Shake Dog Frankfield
    Kinsale Road, Cork, CORK
    46 reviews
    Ian - 08/01/2022
  • Shake Dog Drogheda logo
    Great value meal deals. Food is always very nice. Shake dog is my preference
    Shake Dog Drogheda
    West Street, Drogheda, DROGHEDA
    98 reviews
    Alan - 05/01/2022