HealthyPosted on 27.09.2018

Japanese Food: The Health Benefits

Japanese food is one of our favourite cuisines for many reasons. Most of those revolve around it being a delicious and delicate cuisine that doesn’t get enough recognition in our eyes, but also because the food from this part of the world holds many health benefits. Bet you didn’t know that! You’re cheeky takeaway could be helping that body of yours after all!

So with that in mind, Just Eat has listed below some of the most prevalent health benefits of consuming Japanese food, just another reason to love those delish dishes and another reason to order from Just Eat tonight!

Health Benefit: Soy

It’s pretty common knowledge that soy is a popular ingreditent in many Japanese dishes. what may not be known is the actual health benefits of soy, it has been associated with improving cholesterol levels that can in turn aid the reduction of risk for heart disease. Products like tofu and soy sauce are a staple in the Japanese menu as the population believes that food sourced from soy is a great alternative to red meat which can be high in saturated fats.

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Health Benefit: Proteins

Protein in the Japanese diet is pretty significant. They tend to consume significantly more protein than other regions, but more significantly fish is more heavily consumed over red meats. These high-quality protein sources help in the reduction of risk of heart attacks and regulate blood pressure. The healthier the fish the better it is for you!

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Heath Benefit: Smaller Portions

The Japanese strongly believe that eating smaller portions and eating slowly is better for you and avoids overeating. Essentially appreciating and savouring every bite of their simple cuisine. Portion sizes are typically half the size of western portions. Even making a point to have small portions of super healthy foods. It’s all about quality people!

Smaller portions are one thing, but delicious dishes is another – Kyoto Sushi & Noodle has a fabulous selection of sashimi, norimaki, hosomaki and more!

Health Benefit: Green Tea

Green tea is commonly served with Japanese meals and we can certainly understand why! With its properties said to help brain function, lower the risk of cancer, increases fat burning, and it’s antioxidant qualities help kill bacteria. *brb need to grab a cup of green tea to finish this blog post*

Michie Sushi has healthy Japanese food down to a tee – even better is that you can share the benefits of this cuisine with everyone you know with there different part sets, perfect for sharing.

If you’re in search of more Japanese foodie goodness, then Just Eat has you covered with delicious eats bound to help you find your flavour.