CuisinePosted on 13.06.2019

Your Next Order: Mexican

It’s hard to decide what to order when you want to try something new, we always go through a rotation of the same few orders for lunch and the weekend order of course. It has to be done! But it can be tricky taking a risk on a new order. With that in mind, we’ve done some of the leg work and have picked some of our favourite Mexican dishes that would make for a perfect treat if you fancy Mexican cuisine as your next Just Eat order.


Let’s start with a classic! You can’t go far wrong with some tacos – whether you’re a soft or hard shell kind of person, they’re both worthy of an order in our book. They’re also the perfect portion with room left for plenty of nachos! VERDE have some of the best tacos, trust us. You can choose from a range of fillings including Chicken Tinga and Pork Carnitas with a healthy choice of sauces from Red Chilli Valentina to Chipotle.


The burrito really is the jewel in the crown of Mexican cuisine. Doesn’t matter if you prefer the wrap or bowl it really is just delish either way. We always love a classic like the Barbacoa Burrito from Burritos & Blues, slow-cooked Irish beef is wrapped up with pinto beans, lime, cilantro, rice, romaine lettuce, sour cream, cheese an topped with spicy salsa! Sounds like perfection to us! Your next order needs to include this.


It doesn’t matter what you order, you must, MUST order a side of nachos with your Mexican feast. It is law, well not really but still. We wouldn’t steer you wrong so just trust us. Zambrero has some of the best nachos, you can choose from their regular nachos, a mini portion or just a classic chips and dip (perfect if you don’t want to get too adventurous). These nachos really go all out, you can add your own choice of meat, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, 3 salsas, a squeeze of lime, some heat with jalapenos and your choice of sauce. An ideal sharing dish when you have friends around.


If melted cheese is your thing, (which let’s be honest, it definitely is) then this is the dish for you! A perfect hearty meal to curl up with. The Quesadilla is a lightly toasted flour tortilla, layered with salsa, lettuce, mountains of cheese and your choice of filling, mixed vegetables is a perfect combo and we also love a cheeky order with some lamb chorizo. This is also an ideal dish for sharing for a cute little ate night.

Phew! If that hasn’t convinced you to try some Mexican cuisine for your next order on Just Eat than we don’t know what will. You can find even more Mexican treats to order on the app and they’re all just a tap away from being delivered to your door.