CuisinePosted on 06.10.2020

Bring a Taste of the Middle East to the Table

With the Autumn/ Winter months bringing a chill to the air, those hot, tasty meals are required even more!

Middle Eastern dishes tick both the hot and tasty boxes so we decided to find some of the top restaurants to order these from on Just Eat! All you have to do is tap the app.  

Izz Cafe 

Izz Cafe ensures our Cork customers are being provided with the tastiest small plates. The restaurant presents Palestinian foods in a modern style! If you are a fan of pizza, try their Manooshet - a Lebanese style pizza. Izz cafe offers a range of treaty toppings! 


With four locations on Just Eat, Zaytoon guarantees you nutritional and delicious meals at a price that simply cannot be missed! It’s difficult to choose a favourite dish because trust us, they’re all a “must-try”, but if you fancy something simple but impressive, try the Chollo Kebab: two skewers of Kubideh with basmati rice, grilled tomatoes and salad. 

Damascus Gate 

Based on Upper Camden Street in Dublin, Damascus Gate specialises in Syrian and Lebanese food. Their chefs only use fresh herbs and spices to ensure the food is full of flavour. We recommend ordering Kibbeh Be'laban which is a slow cooked Syrian style of seasoned lamb mince and kibbeh meatballs, served in creamy yoghurt sauce and vermicelli rice! 


Limerick based restaurant, Mejana’s philosophy is to take the best quality ingredients, prepare dishes fresh to order and provide an authentic taste of Lebanon. If you fancy some seafood, try a dish called Kraydes. Kraydes is shrimp cooked in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, tomato and parsley. Fresh and flavoursome! 

Love Falafel 

Who doesn’t love Falafel?! Love Falafel in Glenageary definitely do and want to share their infamous dishes with you. If you’re a fan of the veggies, the Eggplant Falafel Plate is a must order item! It includes eggplant (aubergine), hummus, vine leaves, lettuce, tomato, tabbouleh, and bread. Delicious and wholesome! 

Cedar Tree

With a jam-packed menu, including a range of vegetarian dishes, Cedar Tree is serving up some seriously good food! We’re huge fans of the Mansaf with chicken breast, saffron rice, nuts, pomegranate and natural yoghurt sauce.


The chefs at Jerusalem restaurant in Dublin use the freshest ingredients and source everything from vegetables, meat and other supplies locally to create their top dishes. If cheese and carbs are a bit of you, the Kalleg is incredible! Kalleg is Lebanese bread topped with halloumi cheese, tomato, thyme and herbs. Yuummm! 

What is your favourite Middle Eastern dish to order?

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