Oak Fire Pizza, delivered.

A Passion for Pizza

From a pizza trailer to 6 restaurants, Oak Fire Pizza started small - really small! With our rusty old trailer and small 'one pizza' oven we toured around West Cork in the late noughties catering for all kinds of events, parties and markets. The first leap into a full bricks and mortar pizzeria came in June 2010 when 'The Oak Fire Italian Pizzeria' was opened in Skibbereen. Throughout the next 11 years, the business kept expanding. From opening the first takeaway shop ‘Oak Fire Pizza’ in Clonakilty which later turned into a bistro, to 5 other restaurants spread across Cork. Tempted to try a bite? Order now on Just Eat!

Our Customer Reviews

  • Oak Fire Pizza Princes Street logo
    Tasty and on time
    Oak Fire Pizza Princes Street
    29 Princes Street, Cork, CORK
    132 reviews
    oldblarneyroad - 12/05/2022
  • Oak Fire Pizza Douglas logo
    Outstanding, Nicest pizza & garlic bread I’ve ever had
    Oak Fire Pizza Douglas
    Oak Fire Pizza - Douglas, Cork, CORK
    438 reviews
    John - 16/04/2022