February 9, 2024 •

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Quick wins when busy

Preparation, preparation, preparation. That’s what it takes to make the most of busy periods. And we’re not just talking about your kitchen. There are plenty of tools on Just Eat that are designed to help you manage your time and maximise your efficiency so that you, your staff, drivers and customers can keep their cool when things are running hot.

Here are some tips for keeping on top of a busy order flow:

Check that your opening hours are correct

To change your opening hours:

  1. On the Partner Hub, go to ‘Business settings’
  2. Tap on ‘Opening hours’
  3. Tap ‘Edit’ at the top right hand side. This will show all your options
  4. When you’re happy, click ‘Save’
  5. Check all your changes before you sign out, and remember to go back and log in to change your days after the holidays

Increased orders causing a backlog?

Consider reducing your delivery area for the weekend to help stay on top. This will give your drivers a faster turnaround time so they can get back to the restaurant more quickly. But you should only do this at times when you’re very busy.

Offer a discount (before 6pm)

Encourage some of your orders to come through a little earlier, easing pressure in your peak times. You can easily offer a discount through the Partner Hub.

Go offline, temporarily

Instead of rejecting orders, it’s always much better to manage customer expectations by going offline through the Partner Hub. Also, try not to add time to their live orders as this may affect your Performance Score.