February 9, 2024 •

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Bring in more orders with dish photography

Why should I add dish photography?

  • Menu items with dish imagery are four times more likely to be added to the basket.
  • Our recent research showed that 42% of customers tried a new restaurant because of the photography.
  • Once a menu item has a photo, it will receive an average of 16% more orders.
  • We found that 38% of customers tried a new dish because of the photography.

Our Top Tips

  • Use the best quality camera you have: A digital camera is better than a smartphone, but you can still get great pictures if you only have a smartphone available.
  • Take the picture in natural daylight or a well-lit room: Don’t forget to use consistent background across your photos.
  • Make sure the food is fresh and looks ready to serve: It’s up to you – Display the food in takeaway containers or on regular plates. Just wipe away any drips or mess and make sure they’re clean.