November 27, 2023 •

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Marketing tools to grow your business

As a Just Eat Partner, there are many ways you can market your business and increase your orders, ensuring your customers keep you on top of mind when placing orders on the app.

You’re in complete control. Discover more about these tools and try them today.

Promoted Placement

Promoted Placement gets your restaurant menu seen by more customers by placing your business in one of the most visible “Promoted” search positions on the Just Eat app or website.

Benefits for your business:

  • More eyes on your menu
    Pick the postcodes you want to promote your restaurant in when customers search in your area
  • You’ll only pay if a customer clicks on your menu
    Set a budget that works for your business
  • Track your performance
    You can manage your Promoted Placement campaigns on the Partner Hub. That means more visibility of your budget, campaigns, and available postcodes. Plus, you’ll get monthly emails so you can see exactly how Promoted Placement is working for you

All you need to know about Promoted Placement here.
If you have more questions or need help, email us on [email protected]

*Please note, to qualify for Promoted Placement credit, you must have an FSA rating of 3+ or Pass and a Customer Experience Score of 25+.


StampCards is the exclusive Just Eat loyalty programme that’s the ideal way to reward your loyal customers and encourage new customers to keep coming back. With a discount for loyal customers and more orders for you, StampCards is a win-win.

Benefits for your business:

  • Being part of StampCards is sure to bring in more business and more new customers
  • Loyal customers are loving it, give them even more to come back for and reward their loyalty
  • Rewards earned at your restaurant can only be claimed at your business
  • Plus, it’s free to sign up and join, simple to set-up and track how it’s performing for you

All you need to know about StampCards here.

Cheeky Tuesday

Cheeky Tuesday is our most popular promotion.

And no wonder. That exclusive 20% offer brings in 31% more orders to participating Partners, making Tuesday the new Friday.

What’s more, 36% more new customers ordering for the first time place their order on Cheeky Tuesday. And with over 25,000 Just Eat Partners taking part it’s become something of a national treasure.

Free delivery

Your customers love it! Offering free delivery means your customers don’t have to pay additional fees on top of placing their orders.

Increasingly popular, free delivery as well as offers and meal deals are preferred by customers.

Unsure about offering free delivery? Use this €10 tactic
Restaurants with a low (or no) minimum order value receive up to 94% more orders, and usually see their customer repeat orders jump to over 45%. Try switching yours to €10 or under.

To view and amend your minimum order value:

  1. Log in to the Partner Hub
  2. Tap on ‘Business Settings’
  3. Select ‘Delivery charges’
  4. To change your delivery areas or charges send us a message and select ‘Delivery Areas & Charges’.

Freebie Friday

Turn every ordinary Friday into Freebie Friday. Set up a free item offer and bring in more spend and more orders by joining our biggest ever free item promotion.

We’d suggest you offer a free item worth €4-5. But it’s up to you!

We promote Freebie Friday on the Just Eat app and site, as well as through all our marketing channels. Head over to our blog for a demo on how, and when, to set up your Freebie Friday special offer.

Discounts and free item offers

Discover some proven, effective ways to bring more orders into your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to make usually quiet periods busier or build on your reputation for quality food and service, we have simple ways for you to make it happen.

56.3% of customers consider the importance of offers and meal deals before placing an order.

Apply an offer now and be seen by more lovers of your menu in the ‘Deals’ tile on the app! Manage your offers directly on the Partner Hub.

*Just Eat Consumer Research Report, December 2021

Single item discount

Sometimes you want more variety and flexibility in the discounts you offer. Now on the Partner Hub you can simply choose the item and the discount, and switch your offer on.

Offer a family sized pizza with 50% off. Or 20% off any stock you’d like to clear. You’re always in control.

Merch and branding, e.g. stickers

Stand out on the street and show everyone you’re on Just Eat.

Stand out on the street
A blade sign lets people passing by know that your great cooking is available to order on Just Eat. We’ll install it for you free of charge.

Contact your Account Manager to request your free blade sign.

Free Just Eat branded giveaways
There are Hot Food Bags, silver cycling jackets, co-branded scooter boxes, and more, to keep your team safe and looking professional. There are lots of opportunities for Just Eat branded kit.

Keep an eye out for news from us, or contact your Account Manager for more information.

Your one-stop Just Eat Shop
For affordable prices on all your restaurant essentials including packaging, clothing, equipment and disposables, head over to the Just Eat Shop.

Take a look at our range of branded solutions for your business.

You’ll find all the tools you need to market your business and set up for success on the Partner Hub. If you need help using these tools or support in growing your orders, you can always reach out to your Account Manager.