September 29, 2023 •

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Extra orders for you, extra value for customers

Say hello to Freebie Friday.

Turn an ordinary Friday into a Freebie Friday and you could enjoy a lot more business. Customers these days are extra eager for value and there are few better ways of getting it than with a free item offer.

Offering a reward for spending can deliver great results; more revenue, more orders, and more happy customers.  

We’ll be advertising Freebie Friday on the app and website, and promoting it in our marketing. 

Here’s how you take part:

  • Click ‘Add new offer’ in the offers section of the Partner Hub
  • Choose ‘Free item’ and ‘By spending a minimum amount’
  • Select your free item, set the day as ‘Friday’ and ‘All day’

That’s it!

You’re ready.

Freebie Friday is now live, and you can set up your offers any time. We’d suggest you offer something worth €4-5 free with orders over any order value.

Watch this quick demo on how, and when, to set up your Freebie Friday special offer.