March 20, 2024 •

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Manage your business with the Partner Hub

The Partner Hub is where it all happens. Let’s explore the Partner Hub and discover all the ways you can use it to manage your business on Just Eat, increase orders, and grow your brand.

Manage your business

On the Partner Hub you can take care of all your daily business operations. This includes:

  • Setting or changing your opening hours. Be sure to update any changes for public holidays and temporary store closures.

Adjust your business hours here.

  • Keep your menu or product categories up to date. You can add new items at any time, along with their descriptions and images. You can also mark items as ‘unavailable’ if they’re sold out or out-of-stock.

Update your menu here.

Track your business performance

To grow your brand, you need accurate and up-to-date insights on your business performance. In the ‘Analytics’ section, you can view and track your key performance figures, including:

  • Revenue
  • Number of orders
  • Hourly insights

Review your analytics here.

Review every order

Making sure that you can see the details of every order helps you to meet demand and plan for the future. Under the ‘Reporting’ section you’ll find all the necessary information for orders, including:

  • Items ordered
  • Amount paid, including any tips
  • Payment information

See all order information here.

Manage deliveries with the Courier App

With the Courier App you can track every order, from the moment it’s placed to the moment your customer receives it. The Courier App is your essential delivery tool; it has all the information your couriers need, including delivery address, payment info, and special instructions. It also lets customers track their orders in real-time, which boosts customer satisfaction.

View the Courier App dashboard here.

Boost orders with marketing tools

If you want to increase your visibility and performance even more, you can take advantage of our specialist marketing tools, exclusive to our Partners. Learn more here.