November 29, 2022 •

• Reading time 1 Minute

How to mark items as out of stock

This guide shows Just Eat Grocery Partners the process for marking items as ‘unavailable’ using the Orderpad. By following this guide you’ll be able to:

  • Mark items as ‘unavailable’ or ‘out of stock’
  • Determine how long an item will show as unavailable for
  • Reduce the amount of items available for an order
  • Automatically generate a refund to the customer for any unavailable items

The process only applies once for each order so ensure you make all changes at once. If you need to make any further changes, you can contact our Customer Service team.

Step 1: Find your order on your Orderpad

  • Find your customer’s order
  • Tap the three dot menu icon
  • Tap “Unavailable items” as shown below

Step 2: Change item availability

  • A side panel will appear after selecting “Unavailable items”
    The side panel will show all the items on your chosen order
  • Use the “+” or “-” buttons to adjust quantity of items and availability
  • Reduce an item to “0” if there is no availability
  • Select the “Confirm” button to save your changes

Step 3: Unavailability duration

  • Once you’ve selected “Confirm” the message shown below will appear
  • You need to select whether the items will be back on the menu tomorrow or if they’ll be unavailable for longer
  • If you don’t have enough stock to cover all quantities ordered, these will also be taken off the menu automatically.
    For example, if a customer has asked for 5 x milks but you have 3 in stock, this will be taken off the menu.

Step 4: Confirmation

  • A green confirmation message will appear confirming the automatic refund and which items were marked as unavailable – see example shown below.
  • Once this process has been completed successfully, a new receipt will automatically print from the Orderpad with the updated order details.

You’ve now successfully marked items as unavailable. When you check your orders again, it should continue to list the unavailable items.