March 20, 2024 •

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Grow your brand with Just Eat

The Partner Hub is your one-stop for business and brand management tools. Read on to see how you can grow your brand using the Partner Hub.

Maximise your menu

Did you know that menu items with images get up to 4x more orders? The more you can share about each item on your menu, the better chances of getting orders. This includes uploading images, listing the key ingredients for each dish, spice level, dietary labels like vegan or vegetarian, etc.

When taking images of your menu items, remember to use fresh ingredients, great lighting and a simple background so that your product stands out. To upload your images, head to the Partner Hub and go to ‘Menu/Items’. Select the product you want to add a photo for. Next, click ‘Edit’ and upload, remove, or make any changes you’d like.

Edit your menu here.

Make every order eco-friendly

Whether it’s the ingredients themselves, or the packaging you use for delivering your orders, you can promote low-carbon deliveries while still bringing your products to as many people as possible.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Use recyclable disposable packaging for every order. Not only does this cut down on plastic waste, your customers can also responsibly clean up after each meal.
  • Deliver with low-emission vehicles. Our Partner Webshop offers electric bikes, so you can completely cut your CO2 emissions while still getting your orders out quickly and safely.
  • Offer a range of portion sizes and dietary options. This helps to reduce food waste and give your customers the power to make responsible choices.
  • Shop from our eco-friendly range here.

Market dependent:

  • Opt for our award-winning Notpla packaging, made using a natural seaweed coating, making the packaging as compostable as an apple. Your customers can enjoy a tasty meal while taking care of the planet.

Discover the power of social media

Customers love to see a bit of personality, and social media is a great place to show off your brand. It only helps you widen your reach and promote your top quality dishes and items.

Allow your customers to ‘Order now’

We’ve made it as easy as possible for customers to order from you even when they’re not browsing on the [brand name] app. Just head to your Partner Hub and generate your unique ‘Order now’ button and QR code. These can be embedded on your own website, within your social media assets, or in your marketing and advertising. Customers can click the button or scan the code with their mobile phone and order in just a few taps.

Create your ‘Order Now’ button here.