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Best Indian

We are the home to some incredible Indian restaurants. The blend of exotic ingredients, herbs and spices make your meal more than just a takeaway. It’s an experience!


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What are the Just Eat Takeaway Awards?

Just Eat hosts these awards annually to recognize and reward the outstanding restaurants on our platform. We reward a variety of different restaurants by splitting them into relevant categories and letting consumers vote for their favourite nominees.

How can I be part of the Just Eat Takeaway Awards?

Restaurants can be part of the Just Eat Takeaway Awards by signing up before the 18th October, 2021. Once nominees have been chosen, restaurants can let their customers know that they've been selected and then the fun begins! Customers are given the opportunity to vote for their favourite restaurants until midnight on the 31st December.

When are the Just Eat Takeaway Awards taking place?

Nominees will be announced in November. The voting phase is open from the 6th December to 31st December and winners will be announced in February 2022.

What categories are being rewarded?

As we are the leading online food delivery platform in Ireland, it's only fitting that we celebrate the different flavours that brought us here. This year, we're honouring everything from burgers to sushi. But it's not only about what's on the plate - some restaurants had unique ways of connecting with their customers so we have made sure we have something for everyone. Take a moment to explore all of the categories that make the Just Eat Takeaway Awards great!

How are nominees selected?

Nominees will be handpicked by the Just Eat team based both on sign-ups and pre-selection. Every restaurant can sign up to be considered for this nomination. These nominations are based on the answers to the questions on the sign up form, the restaurant’s review ratings and how closely relevant they are to the awards category. The restaurant partner needs to be online on Just Eat and have submitted the official sign-up form up in order to be considered for nomination. The restaurant partner can sign up via just-eat.ie/partner/awards/2021

How can I let customers know I have been nominated?

Nominated restaurants will get exclusive flyers that they can use to boost votes from their customers. These restaurants will also get social media assets that they can use across their own social channels to let customers know that they have been nominated. Most importantly, restaurants can keep driving their greatness through delicious food and excellent service.

How do I vote?

Simply pick your favourite restaurant in each category and click vote, then enter your personal details and submit!

How many times can I vote?

You can vote once per category, so grab a coffee and take your time on deciding who gets your nod of approval.

What is the deadline for voting?

Voting is open until the 31st December, 2021.

How will the winners of the Just Eat Takeaway Awards be chosen?

The winners of the Just Eat Takeaway Awards are determined based on a public voting system. The winner will be decided based on which nominee receives the highest number of votes.

When will the winners of the Just Eat Takeaway Awards be announced?

The winners of the Just Eat Takeaway Awards will be announced in February 2022.

What prizes do the winners get?

- We will showcase that you are a winner on your restaurant page on the Just Eat platform, for one year.

- Fully-paid vouchers to give away to customers to acknowledge and thank them for their support.

- A physical award to show that you are a Just Eat Takaway Award winner and one of the best restaurants to order from.

- Merchandise that can be proudly displayed to your customers

- A week of free Promoted Placement that will ensure top visibilty for your restaurant on the platform

How do I win free takeaway for a year from Just Eat?

1. Pick your favourite restaurant

2. Click vote

3. Enter your details

4. Watch out for the winner announcements

What exactly does ''win free takeaway for a year'' mean?

One year of ‘’free takeaway" on Just Eat, consists of a weekly voucher of € 100,- distributed every week for one year (52 weeks).