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Foodify VIP Electric Picnic Winner

Foodify VIP Electric Picnic Winner

21st July 2014

Hi everyone, Thanks to all those who entered to win our first set of VIP tickets to Electric Picnic! We had thousands of entries!  And some absolutely amazing playlists.  We’ll be publishing… Read more

Beef Pizza

Naughty Vs Nice Pizza Edition

17th July 2014

Naughty – Deep pan spicy beef Just one slice of this beefy beast can set you back 500-600 calories, but then again it is loaded with ground beef, cheese and a load of fried onions. This meaty meal… Read more


Top Takeaway Picnic Picks

17th July 2014

Beach trips, picnics and kiddie pools … These are the things that the perfect Irish summer is made of!  Now is the time to eat outside every chance you get. Order for collection on… Read more


FoodyForecaster Winners – Day 20-25

16th July 2014

Hi everyone! We hope you’re enjoying the games so far!  We’ve included the list of winners from day 20-25. If you spot your name, email so we can send your voucher… Read more

Getting cosy with pepperoni!

Getting cosy with pepperoni!

15th July 2014

Want to take your food coma to the next level? How about getting cosy with pepperoni? The pizza bedspread is a deliciously weird fashion statement from  New York art director Claire Manganiello…. Read more