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What is it about chicken wings that makes them some finger lickingly irresistable?

Whether you like them just plain and crispy or if you prefer them smothered in sauce, fans of chicken wings are devoted.

Everyone has their own favourite type of wings.

Buffalo Wings are the classic variety and probably a lot of people’s introduction to the fine art of the chicken wing. Often confused with the animal, the name actually hails from the US city in New York state where the first bowl of Buffalo Wings was served in 1964.

The signature dish was created by Teressa Bellissimo, who covered some chicken wings in her own special sauce. She served them with a side of blue cheese and celery not because of some extensive consumer research but because that's what she had available!

Since then chicken wings have evolved to take many forms. They can be starters or mains or maybe even a desert for the committed wing aficionado.

Salted Chili Wings are all about the crispy chicken with a little kick from the spices. BBQ Wings will give you a taste of summer all year long. Sweet Chili Wings will give you a flavour of Asia.

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