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Malaysia sits in a nexus of Asia, sharing land or sea borders with Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand, and living as a neighbour to the Philippines and Brunei. It’s also the home to numerous ethnicities and backgrounds, going back centuries. As a result, Malaysia is a beautiful melting pot of cultures. This is - thankfully and unsurprisingly - reflected in the food, which blends the finest traditions of Asian, Middle Eastern and its own style of cooking.

So what can you expect in a Malaysian restaurant? Brisket that’s slow cooked to the point of melting apart; generously buttered king prawns; a variety of chilli-pepper-based flavours; and a wealth of curries and noodle soups, the tastiest you’ll ever lay buds on.

Malaysian desserts are world-renowned, and quirkier than Western ones. As well as traditional, conventional dessert flavours, like brown sugar, syrup and coconut, Malaysians also create sweet soups, dessert pancakes and after-dinner concoctions with sweet potatoes and sweetcorn. Some of these dishes might be for the more adventurous, but you’ll be delighted you crossed the cultural divide.

But whether you’re a culinary explorer, or just in the mood for some simple, tasty noodles or curry, Malaysian food is where it’s at. Like we said, they’ve been cooking for international diners for centuries.