Zam Zam Kebab House

Kebab Pizza Halal

16 Mallin Street, Co Wexford, Wexford Town

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Note: FREE 1.5L Bottle of Coke on orders over €20.00

Note on Offers: Not included for meal deals

FREE DELIVERY for Orders over €20.00

All Pizza meal deals include chips & a can of soft drink

Kebab with chips & a can of soft drink

Meat, chips, lettuce, cabbage, onions & sauces in box

All meals come with fries & a can of soft drink

All pizzas come with garlic dip

Served with fresh naan bread, chilli, garlic, lettuce, onions & cabbage

On burgers, onion, lettuce, mayonnaise & ketchup

Chicken 9.99e king prawn 11.99e veg 8.99e

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