Waki Waki

Japanese Sushi

112 Collins Avenue, Dublin, Whitehall

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Delicate slices of fish

A slice of raw fish over vinegared rice, 2 piece per portion.

Small sushi rolls with seaweed wrapped on the outside, 8 pieces.

Medium sushi roll with rice on the outside and seaweed on the inside, 8 pieces.

Large sushi rolls wrapped with seaweed on the inside

Chef Specials (New)

Teppanyaki style pan-fried soba noodle seasoned with teriyaki sauce, tossed with seasonal vegetable with teppn-grilled meat/fish/tofu on top

Traditional Japanese cuisine that uses and iron griddle to grill meats and pan-fry vegetables. Seasoned with teriyaki sauce. Typically served in a hot iron plate with steamed rice.

Japanese "rice bowl dish" consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice, with miso soup

Bento Box Set (New)

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