Volcano Wings

Chicken Wings

1-39 High Street, Limerick, Limerick

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Served with a choice of housemade sauce

Housemade sauce:

Nuclear - intensely firely sauce, seasoned with homemade chilli flakes

Piri Piri - deeply flavourful sauce made with fresh chillies, onion, peppers & lemons

Lava - classic hot sauce, exhilarating heat

Buffallo - classic buffalo sauce. comfortably hot

Sriracha Mayo - creamy, tangy, spicy & garlic-y

Peppercorn (dry) - sea salt & cracked peppercorns

Garlic parmesan (dry) - parmesan cheese, Italian herbs & seasoning served with garlic mayo sauce

Gangnam style - hot sweet sticky Korean hot sauce

Sticky bbq - a mild & smooth traditional bbq sauce

Honey mustard - savory with a signature sweetness

Satay - peanut flavoured sauce

Honey garlic - sweet & flavourful classic honey garlic sauce

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