Japanese Asian fusion

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Note: Be food allergen aware

Please infrom our staff before placing your order if you have allergy from the followig allergens.

1.Gluten 2.Crustaceans 3.Eggs 4.Fish 5.Peanut 6.Soya 7.Milk 8.Nuts 9.Celery 10.Mustard 11.Sesame Seed 12.Sulphu Dioxide 13.Lupin 14.Molluscs

Baby vegetables, tomato, mixed sald sauce with

Salt and chilli pepper or sweet & sour sauce with


Grilled Skewers (3)

Spring onion, sesame seed, and yakitori sauce with

Deep fried, handmade rolls stuffes with spring onions, carrot, bean sprouts

Warm and filling one-pot fish cake stew


Steamed, boiled or teppan fried

Handmade dumplings, stuffed with spring onions, ginger, cabbage

Steam rice with teriyaki sauce, course top on spring onions, carrots


Stir-fried rice with onions, green beans, spring onions, egg


Steam rice with onions, green beans and curry sauce.


Stri-Fried thick noodles with peppers & onions, beansprouts, spring onion, carrot and egg


Stir-fried thin noodles with peppers & onions, beansprouts, spring onions, carrot, and egg


Noodles in miso soup with seaweed, beansprouts, spring onions, carrot, and egg


A main course with peppers, onions, carrot, and egg

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