Tyrrelstown Asian Restaurant & Takeaway

Chinese Asian fusion

Tyrrelstown Way, Dublin, Blanchardstown-Tyrrelstown

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House Special Dishes (Chicken, Beef, Prawn and Pork)

Choice of Sauce

Curry Sauce - Contains: Gluten

Black Bean Sauce - Contains: Gluten, Molluscs, Soya

Black Pepper Sauce - Contains: Gluten, Molluscs, Soya

Oyster Sauce - Contains: Gluten, Molluscs, Soya

Chop Suey - Contains: Gluten, Molluscs, Soya

Cashew Nut - Contains: Gluten, Molluscs, Soya, Nuts

Ginger Spring Onion - Contains: Gluten, Molluscs, Soya

Sweet and Sour - Contains: Gluten

Chilli Coconut and Lemongrass - Contains: Gluten

Sze Chuan Sauce - Contains: Gluten, Molluscs

Kung Po Sauce - Contains: Gluten, Fish, Molluscs, Nuts

Hot Garlic Sauce - Contains: Gluten, Molluscs, Soya

Thai Red Curry - Contains: Gluten, Milk

Thai Green Curry - Contains: Gluten, Milk

Satay Sauce - Contains: Gluten, Nuts

King Do Sauce - Contains: Gluten

Choice of Meat

Crispy Shredded Chicken - Contains: Gluten, Eggs

Crispy Chunky Chicken - Contains: Gluten, Eggs

King Prawn - Contains: Crustaceans

Mixed Seafood - Contains: Crustaceans

House Special (Chicken, Pork, Beef & Prawn) - Contains: Crustaceans

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