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Note: To Comply with the law, the Tower Grill Takeaway follows regulation No. (EU) 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. At Tower Grill we deep fry the freshly cut chips with various food items that do contain allergens so the chips may contain traces of allergens when cooked together with food items. The information is made available to the customer to be aware of any allergen the suffer from prior to ordering. The Information provided on 23/06/2022 regarding the Allergens is correct at the time of printing but it is subject to change when a new item is introduced. The Tower Grill will amend the Allergen Information when an item has been discontinued, replaced or brand-new item has been introduced. The list of food and drink items was compiled based on information provided by the supplier & manufacturer.

We deliver maximum to 5 mile [8Km]. Do you live outside the town. Go to delivery charges and select your area?? If the area is not on the list, there will be extra delivery charges at the door.


These terms and conditions apply to the Shop and the Website only. Please read the terms carefully. Our website is made available free of charge. The customer is responsible for making any arrangement necessary for the access to our website. They must comply with the following terms below.

1. We do not accept credit as refusal often offends.

2. If you have placed your order, we kindly oblige the customer to pay in advance if they go and then come back to collect the existing order.

3. Vouchers will not be accepted after 6 months expiry date.

4. We accept the following methods of payment by credit card or debit card through the website or in cash to the shop at the point of sale.

5. Delivery Customers when ordering a delivery over the phone the order can be amended, Providing the extra cost for the food is paid at the door.[Extra item: Brie Wedges, Chicken Nuggets, Duck Spring Roll Etc.]

6. When we receive the customer order for delivery and if there is an extra cost’s for food or mileage charge. We kindly accept if you pay at the door in cash or by Credit Card or Debit Card over the phone.

7. Customers, please consume the food within 90 minutes or within 1 ½ hours or put it in the fridge but must be consumed within 24 Hours for health and safety reasons.

8. If unsatisfied with your food, please return your order so that we can determine a refund or exchange of something else.

9. The Name of the Business is Tower Grill Trading as TG Catering Limited, Company Number 456024.

10. The Company is registered as a limited company on Monday, the 14th day of April 2008. At Companies registration office. Parnell House, 14 Parnell Square, Rotunda, D01 E6W8. DX NUMBER:145001.

11. The Directors of the Company are Peppina Marciano and Rocco Forte.

12. The business is registered for VAT, the VAT number is 9703262E.

Bread- Contains: Gluten(Wheat Flour), Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites.

Butter- Contains: Milk

Cheddar Cheese- Contains: Milk.

                  Mozzarella Cheese- Contains: Milk.

Meat: Pork Sausages- Contains: Gluten(wheat flour), Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites.

          Southern Fried Chicken Breast- Contains: Celery, Gluten(wheat flour), Eggs, Fish, Mustard & Soybean.

Sauce: Brown Sauce- Contains: Gluten, Barley [malt-vinegar].

            Light Mayonnaise- Contains: Eggs & Mustard.

Bread: Gourmet Brioche Bundy’s- Contains: Gluten (wheat flour), Milk, Nuts & Sesame Seeds (almonds).

Gourmet Bundy’s- Contains: Eggs, Sesame Seeds & Milk.

Hot Dog Bundy’s- Contains: Eggs, Gluten (wheat flour), Sesame Seeds (almonds) & Nuts.

Super Bundy’s- Contains: Gluten (wheat flour)  Sesame Seeds (almonds) Soybean, Milk & Nuts.

White Burger Bun’s- Contains: Gluten (wheat flour)  Sesame Seeds (almonds) Soybean, Milk & Nuts.

Meat Toppings:

Chilli Beef- Contains: Gluten(wheat flour) & Milk

Doner Meat- Contains: Gluten(wheat flour)

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