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Marley's Lane, Louth, Drogheda

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Please ask if you have any special dietary requirements before ordering - we’ll be happy to assist you

Simply select a dish from the following and choose a cooking option below

Cooking Options

1. Tabasco Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Soya, Sesame Seed]

2. Curry Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Mustard]

3. The Mandarin Sauce [Contains: Gluten] (Tasty & Fruity, Very Hot)

4. Ginger & Scallion [Contains: Gluten, Soya]

5. Blackbean Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Soya, Sesame Seed]

6. Kung Po Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Eggs, Peanut, Sesame Seed] (Sweet & Slightly Hot with Cashewnuts)

7. Pineapple Sauce [Contains: Gluten,]

8. Black Pepper Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Celery, Sesame Seed]

9. Chop Suey [Contains: Gluten] (Mixed Vegetables)

10. Peking Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Soya] (Sweet & Fruity)

11. Hot Garlic Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Soya] (Sweet & Slightly Spicy)

12. Mushroom Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Soya]

13. SzeChuan Sauce [Contains: Gluten, Soya, Sesame Seed] (Medium Spicy)

14. Satay Sauce (with peanut) [Contains: Gluten, Peanut, Soya, Nuts, Sesame Seed]

15. Thai Red Curry [Contains: Gluten, Soya, Milk, Sesame Seed]

16. Thai Green Curry [Contains: Gluten, Soya, Milk, Sesame Seed]

17. Thai Sweet Chilli [Contains: Gluten, Sulphur Dioxide]

All main courses above served with boiled rice or chips.

Egg Fried Rice 55c extra,

Yeung Chow Fried Rice or Noodles €2.00 extra

Noodle complete Course, Long Tray, Dry

Selection of Plain Sauce, Satay Sauce,

Black Bean Sauce, Szechaun Sauce, Noodle

Complete Course, Long Tray

Complete Course, Long Tray, Dry

Set Dinners Served with Fried Rice, Boiled Rice or Chips and Free Prawn Crackers.

One Adult Meal = One Free Children Meal

Gluten Free options are available please ask your server

Meal Deals - No Alternatives

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