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Taro Noodle & Sushi Bar Raheny, Dublin 5, Raheny

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Note: If you are allergic to any of the allergens listed below please notify a member of staff prior to ordering

Soya, milk, eggs, molluscs (shellfish), wheat, celery, crustaceans (shellfish), nuts, sulphur dioxide, lupin, peanuts, mustard, fish, sesame seeds

Chopsticks available in Extras section for 20c each.

Served with boiled rice (noodles or fried rice or chips €1.20 extra), 3 pieces sushi, 3 pieces gyoza & miso soup or soft drink (can)

Japanese dish of bite-sized pieces of raw fish eaten with soy sauce & wasabi paste.

(Sliced raw fish)

Sushi consisting of a small ball of rice, smeared with wasabi paste & topped with raw fish or other seafood. (2 pieces per portion)

Uramaki Sushi RollNorimaki

Medium sushi roll

A type of sushi roll that includes toasted seaweed nori rolled around rice & various fillings, including raw seafood & vegetables. (8 pieces per portion)

(Small sushi roll)(8 pieces per portion)

A hosomaki roll generally is only about an inch across, so it's definitely a bite-sized food.


Stir-fried seasonal vegetables topped with a choice of grilled fresh Irish strip loin steak, chicken, salmon, garnished with sweet teriyaki sauce. Served with a side portion of boiled rice.

(noodles, fried rice or chips £1.20 extra)

Noodles, fried rice or chips £1.00 extra

All fried rice - Served with a side of miso soup.

Big bowls of noodles in soup

A Traditional Japanese Noodle Soup Dish with Egg and Selection of Topings

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