Shahi Kebab & Curry

Indian Curry

Dublin Road, Dundalk, Dundalk

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1.  Milk 2.Mustard 3.Nuts (Coconut, Almond) 4. Peanuts 5. Sesame Seed 6. Soya 7. Molluscs 8. Lupin 9. Fish 10. Eggs 11. Crustaceans 12.Celery  Containing Gluten 13.Celery 14. Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphates 15. Wheats

Note: Please ask a member of staf any queries you may have

Meals come with drinks and chips

Ingridients: Garlic, chilli, lettuce, onions, cabage.

Served on tortilla wrap with mixed salad, garlic & chilli sauce.

All main course serve with rice or naan or chips

All main curries served with rice or naan or chips

Choice of any Dip

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