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Note: Please inform us if you are allergic to any of the items listed below.

We will do our best to prepare any dish to suit your needs

Please note the following allergens as items may contain

1 Gluten

2 Crustaceans

3 Eggs

4 Fish

5 Peanuts

6 Soy

7 Dairy

8 Nuts

9 Celery

10 Mustard

11 Sesame

12 Sulphur

13 Lupin

14 Moluscs

What makes our pizza dough so special?

There is no substitue for fresh dough, so we make all our pizzas fresh dough-every time. We've improve the recipe over the years using less oil, high quality ingredients and fresh preparation so that it's light, crispy and delicious.

Choose your base : Thin, Normal OR Double Base

Choose your sauce : Tomato, Garlic, BBQ, Taco OR Curry

100% Irish Beef 

All Our Burgers Come With Chips & Dip

100% Chicken Breast

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