Offbeat Donuts Cork

This restaurant opens at 09:30. You can order now for delivery later.
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  • Offbeat Donuts Box Options
  • Fat Thursday- Pączki

Offbeat Donuts Box Options

  • The Offbeat Dozen Premium Box

    Let us pick for you! A mix of pre-selected flavours.

    € 29.00

  • The Offbeat DOUBLE Dozen

    One Dozen Premium Box of pre-selected flavours and one Dozen Classic Glazed

    € 36.00

  • The Offbeat Classic Glazed Dozen

    12 of our Classic Glazed Donuts

    € 20.00

  • The Offbeat Dozen

    Choose 12 of your favourites!

    € 29.00

  • The Offbeat 6

    Choose 6 of your favourites!

    € 16.00

  • The Offbeat 3

    Choose 3 of your favourites!

    € 10.00

Fat Thursday- Pączki

  • Pączki 3 Box

    3 x Pączki Donuts

Business details

Offbeat Donuts Cork
17 French Church Street
Cork Cork
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