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Indian Curry

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Add a dip to your appetisers for 50 cent

Choice of: mint, tomato garlic and chutney

These dishes are prepared over charcoal in the traditional clay oven. They are marinated & specially seasoned to enhance the natural flavours. All dry dishes

Include mint or tomato garlic or chutney sauce

All of our curry dishes can be prepared mild, medium and hot.

All dishes are prepared with fresh coriander leaves,

tomatoes and onions.

Add rice for €1, pilau €1.50, naan €2.00, chips for €2.00

Basmati rice cooked with tender pieces of meat, prawns or vegetables. Flavoured with delicate spices and accompanied by a mild curry sauce. Choice of cashew nuts, almonds or sultanas

Contains: Crustaceans, Celery, May Contain Nuts.

Almost all of these will suit all palates including children

Add rice for €1, pilau €1.50, naan €2.00, chips for €2.00

Contains: Dairy (Milk, Yoghurt & Butter).

All Naans Contain: Gluten (Flour) & Dairy (Milk).

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