Pizza Kebab

Unit A4 Cookstown Industrial Estate, Dublin, Cookstown

Delivery from Tue 15:46

Free 1x garlic dip for 9".

Free 1x garlic dip for 12".

Free 2x garlic dip for 16".

9'' Folded Pizza served with Dip, potato Fries and a drink.

Choice of free Dip.

Served in naan bread with Kebab Sauce (Spicy), crunchy lettuce, onion and red cabbage.

Choice of Meat served with chips as base, chilli and garlic sauce, lettuce, onion, red cabbage and a drink.

Fresh Burgers served in a brioche buns.

Crispy Chicken, Potato Fries, Onion Ring, Sauteed Mixed Peppers, Fresh Red Chilli, Sauteed Diced Onion and Scallions Topped with Special spicy bag Seasoning served with any Dip.

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