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Note: The listed allergens are used openly in our kitchens so trace amounts may be present at all stages of cooking despite our best efforts cross contamination can occur. Samosa, veg pakora, onion bhaji, poppadoms & fries are fried in the same oil so there is a small risk of cross contamination with wheat (gluten), cashew nuts & mustard

1. Wheat 2. Crustaceans 3. Eggs 4. Milk 5. Almond 6. Cashew nut 7. Mustard 8. Fish

Our all main courses are gluten free. We dont use any MSG in our foods

Main courses are not including with rice & bread

Dishes cooked in basmati rice cooked with different meats, vegetables, mild spices & seasonal herbs. Served semi-dry accompanied by our delicious cucumber, fresh mint & roast cumin raita

Cucumber, fresh mint & roast cumin raita - Milk

Clay Oven / Grilled Dishes

Can only be served with main meal.

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