Lal Quila Douglas

Kebab Indian Halal

Douglas East, Cork, Cork

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If you suffer from a food allergy OR intolerance, please let one of the servers know before you order & we can guide you better on your choice

Please note: Wine is not available as a part of the discount. Any orders placed availing of this discount will be asked to pay the remainder on delivery.

Fancy something different? La Quila also offers International from this premises under the name of Rooster Pil Pil

Chinese Rice Dishes

In keeping with Eastern traditions, our chef's have created a special Tandoori menu. The choicest cuts of meat or seafood are steeped in special marinades, then slowly grilled in day tandoori ovens. Served with accompaniments of curry sauce

Green peas, dry plum, mixed nut cooked with basmati rice & served with raita

European Food

Served fresh vegetables and potato of the day

Please note that proof of age is required on delivery or collection of all orders which include alcohol.


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