La Locandina

Italian Pizza

14 Main Street, Wicklow, Wicklow

Delivery from 17:45

Note: Please note: Inform any of our staff if you have allergies or intolerance. Our food may contain as follow, read carefully

1) Eggs, 2) Shellfish/Molluscs, 3) Dairy, 4) Gluten, 5) Celery, 6) Sulphur Dioxide, 7) Fish, 8) Nuts, 9) Soybeans,10) Mustard, 11) Lupin, 12) Peanuts, 13) Sesame Seeds, 14) Crustaceans

Deliveries over 6KM will be charged at €4.50 delivery fee.

Only Mozzarella cheese on the base, no tomato sauce

Tomato sauce and mozzarella on pizza base

Add Ice cream 2 scoops € 2.00 + Sprinkles

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