Japanese Sushi

River Forest, Leixlip, Leixlip

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2 Pieces per option

Rice ball served with a sliced of fish on top

2 Pieces per option

Seaweed round rice ball served fish on top

Delicately sliced selection of fish, no rice

Classic thin roll

Seaweed outside, cut into 8 pieces

Medium sized roll

Rice outside with different type of garnish, cut into 8 pieces

Hand rolled cone

Thick, large roll

Cut into 10 pieces for all

Cut into 8 pieces for all

Chef's Selection

Vegetarian & Gluten free available on request

Soup with noodles & a selection of topping

Served with wok fried seasonal vegetable & steamed rice

Gluten free available on request

Hand cut mixed salad, lettuce, cashew nuts, boiled egg, served homemade sesame soy sauce dressing.

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