Ketchup Mayo

Kebab Curry Halal

Thomas Street, Castlebar, Castlebar

Delivery from 15:50

Note: Allergy Notice

Please be aware that if you have any special dietary needs or suffer any allergies, please mention prior to ordering and our staff will be happy to assist. Dishes containing nuts and dairy products can also be prepared without these ingredients kindly ask a member of staff

All meals come with chips & drink

All meals come with chips and a can of drink

Served with sweet chilli, garlic sauce & salad

€1 extra for cheese

Fresh homemade dough & tomato sauce

One dip of homemade garlic sauce comes free with each pizza

All pizzas can also be made of thick OR thin crust with BBQ OR garlic base

Extra toppings are available

Mild to hot

All main courses come with a choice of pilau rice, chips OR naan bread

€1 extra for cheese

50 cent extra for cheese

Served with skinny fries & Capri Sun

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