Kaori Sushi & Bento

Japanese Thai

Greendale Road, Dublin, Raheny

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Sliced raw fish

Japanese dish of bite-sized pieces of raw fish eaten with soy sauce & wasabi paste

Sushi consisting of a small boll of rice, smeared with wasabi paste & topped with raw fish or other seafood.

Uramaki sushi rollnorimaki (Medium sushi roll)

a type of sushi roll that icludes toasted seaweed nori rolled around rice & various fillings, including raw seafood abd vegetables

A hosomaki roll generally is only about on inch across, so it's definately a bite-sized food

Stir-fried seasonal vegetables, topped with a choice of grilled Irish strip loin steak, chicken , salmon, garnish with sweet teryaki sauce. Served with a side portion of boiled rice

Noodles or fried rice or chips for £1.00 extra

All fried rice - served with a side of miso soup

Big bowls of noodles in soup

A traditional Japanese noodle soup dish with egg and selection of topings

Simply pick one from the ingredients along with a style of cooking to create your dish

Served with boiled rice (noodles or fried rice or chips £1.00 extra

Served with boiled rice (noodle or fried rice or chips £1.00 extra) & 3 pieces sushi & 3 pieces gyozo, miso soup or soft drink (can)

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