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Indian Curry

Belgard Road, Dublin, Tallaght Village

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Note: Allergen Notice:

Please advise us if you have a food allergy or particular dietary requirement when placing your order. Information regarding the presence of one or more of  the following food allergens in food dishes is available on request.

Cereals Containing Gluten, Milk, Celery, Nuts, Peanuts, Sulphites, Egg, Molluscs, Lupin, Mustard, Soya, Fish, Sesame Seeds, & Crustaceans.

Enhance the Experence:

Why not try our Mango Lassi, a luscious smoothie made from cultured creamy cow milk yoghurt and pulp of imported alphonso mangoes also dubbed ad king of mangoes

Goes brilliant with Indian food.

All our sauce, chutneys and dips are homemade.

Our blended spices are home-grounded.

This is not any ordinary menu, you must expect nothing short of mind blowing food made by our chefs.

In this section, we list some exclusive dishes which have been researched & perfected by our award-winning chefs of international acclaim. Often copied but never replicated to our standards outside of India Gate! We do not customize OR alter these dishes to demand, as we believe they are best served ‘as we make them’

All time favourites

Most restaurants served these popular dishes, we just happen to do a bit special

We are able to customize the spice level as per your liking in most of these dishes, just advise the order taker

Vegetable -  Suitable for vegetarians

Paneer - Contains: Milk

Regular Tiger Prawn - Contains: Crustaceans

Uniquely flavourful. A complete meal in itself, made by applying a unique 17th century ‘slow-cook’ crock-pot technique of layering rice, meats & or vegetables, spices & condiments, herbs, sauce, stocks & glazes. Served with a vegetable stew, aka biryani sauce

All our rolls are made with freshly home-baked naan bread, contain shredded crisp iceberg lettuce, a generous dollop of our own unique Kathi sauce & homemade garlic sauce plus filling

You can meal them up by adding a bag of our famous thick cut chips & a can of any soft drink

All rice made with premium basmati rice

All naan bread are made from a home recipe, using milk & egg enriched fresh dough

All kids meal include chips & soft drink

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